[BUG]: spammers get Bitcoin blockspace at discounted price. Let's fix it

Greg, the problem with your question is the question itself. You are making the claim that there is price “discrimination”, as if the simple transactions are being targeted and as if their use case is more “virtuous” than others. The problem here is that witness bytes bear a different cost to the network than the main transaction bytes.

What @sipa is saying is that fixing this would require reducing the witness discount. However, by reducing the witness discount you are also forcing more weight units to be consumed when those non-“simple” transactions are made. If you double the cost of those transactions, you would need the demand to reduce by >50% to actually allow for more “simple” transactions to be accepted in a block.

There is no bug here. This is just a natural consequence of the fact that we price witness bytes more cheaply and we do that because validators spend more to work with main transaction bytes than witness bytes. Your suggestion is punitive at best and outright destructive at worst.

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Yes. Furthermore, the price discrimination is the fact proven in Bitcoin Core source code.

I agree and wonder if there might be other solutions.

I agree and think that the fact that Bitcoin Core prices witness bytes more cheaply is not optimal (to put it mildly).

Can I ask you to point to any (scientific) evidence, please?

Apparently, the “witness discount” attempt failed to discourage “bytes that are more impactful to” nodes. There is the soaring size of UTXO set shown in the chart by Jameson Lopp:


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@murch , 2024-03-12.

Mar 27, 2024 Explanatory note: the author - David Bailey - has been promoting the spam commercially for a year or more.