About the Protocol Design category

Bitcoin-related protocol proposals, or analysis or discussion thereof. For example, new P2P messages, new wallet techniques, methods for coinjoins or payment channels, etc.

Try to keep things accessible to developers – so don’t use formal academic terminology that you’d write in a paper, when your could write things more simply.

If you want to use maths, you can use LaTeX (mathjax) markup by surrounding inline formulas with $, for example: $ 1+1=2 $ gives 1+1=2 , or surrounding a standalone block with $$:


If you want to include diagrams, then mermaid diagrams are available, in particular flowcharts and sequence diagrams. If you want to describe transactions in detail class diagrams may work okay to separate inputs from outputs if you include brackets when naming the outputs (eg p2pkh(A)) but not the inputs (eg “sigA”).

flowchart LR
    A ---> B <---> C o---o D