Can we get a Lightning Protocol Design Category/WG?

Title says it all. The Lightning-Dev ML is considering moving over to doing work here. I don’t know if it should be in the Protocol Design category as a working group or if it should be its own category.

If you just want something public, posting to the existing categories (implementation / protocol design) and using the lightning tag should be fine? My impression is the fedora folks found it better to go with general categories and more specific tags on their discourse, so I think that approach should be workable? Ref: Navigating Fedora Discussion — Tags, Categories, and Concepts - Fedora Discussion

If you want a more specific workgroup I can set that up too; but need to know who should be members, if it should be private, public, or read-only public.

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BTW, if you click the lightning link you should see a little bell icon that you can use to “watch” a tag – that’ll get you emails for new posts that use that tag. I think that’s the most useful way to follow a topic by email with discourse.


I think we can try out just using the lightning tag for the time being. Right now we are piloting moving discussion here with the retirement of the Lightning-Dev ML. It’s possible that in the future we will find this is insufficient but I think it’s a reasonable first approach. Thanks for the tip!

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I think for the lightning-dev ML, we’ll want to just make our own instance. I have the mailing list mode on this active now, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to just get emails from a given Category/Sub-Forum. Otherwise, I can’t just get the LN-specific stuff over email as is w/ the way things are set up rn.

Yes, mailing list mode is “everything on the site”. If you want just a category/tag, turn mailing list mode off, “watch” the category/tag, and set your notification settings to email you even if you’re online.

Found a resource that explains how to use traditional email labels/filters to subscribe to just specific categories or even tags: How do I use Discourse via email? - FAQs - Mozilla Discourse

That’s a 6.5 year old page last updated 3.5 years ago; there’s been a bunch of threads since then essentially about replacing mailing list mode, eg Apply "mailing list mode" per category - feature - Discourse Meta with the result that mailing list mode was disabled by default in 2021. Current docs are here and apparently this is the generic link to your email preferences.

(Note also that email notifications are delayed by a few minutes so that if a topic is edited immediately after posting, you get the edited version in email)