Differential Fuzzing of Bitcoin implementations

Hi, all!

I’m working on differential fuzzing of Bitcoin implementations/libraries (GitHub - brunoerg/bitcoinfuzz: Differential Fuzzing of Bitcoin implementations and libraries). I’m starting it with miniscript, so at this moment it’s fuzzing Core’s and rust-miniscript.

I’m openning this topic to raise ideas and get feedbacks about it.


Nice, and it seems you’ve discovered something too (bug: `pk()()` is considered a valid policy · Issue #140 · sipa/miniscript · GitHub)!

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Yes, I got more crashes but I’m analyzing them before publishing them.

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Another crash has been discussed in rust-miniscript repo: bug: some miniscripts are being pointed as invalid, but are valid · Issue #633 · rust-bitcoin/rust-miniscript · GitHub

cc: @sipa

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One more bug found by it!