New user link limitation

I just drafted a post and went to submit the topic but encountered an error that I could only submit a post with two links as a new user. I understand this is to prevent spam, but:

Is there a way to submit a draft for review from moderators to approve? Or just in general get someone else’s review before publishing?

Are mods able to remove the “new guy” moniker? If so, how might one solicit for the removal?

Okay, that’s three complaints about this and the stackoverflow thing about the similar constraint there doesn’t indicate it’s very useful, so I’ve bumped this from 2 to 100. You’re also bumped from new user to regular; in theory discourse automatically adjusts trust levels as you read/post/comment/etc.

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Thank you! Suppose I should do some more reading and less writing. :sweat_smile:

I think liking/reacting to posts/comments counts too? :man_shrugging:

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