Post editing timeframe

(From B'SST plugins for covenant opcodes - #6 by dgpv)

“Trusted” users can edit posts for up to 30 days by the looks of things, after that you can only post comments. Does that seem sensible, or worth changing? (It’s easier to track updates when they’re a new topic or a new comment on an existing topic, so at first glance it seems reasonable to me)

In that case I wanted to just make the original information up-to-date without “pushing up” the topic - because nothing of substance in regards to the topic itself has changed, only minor details like command line options.

It is common pattern in forums to have first post of the thread which contain some links or important info to be updated, as old links might be broken or the info might be out of date.

Giving such updates at the end of the thread and leaving outdated info in the first message means more people will get old info, because not everyone will go to the last messages to check, and that “update” messages might be buried under other replies and will be somewhere in the middle of the thread, where finding them will require even more effort

I’ve bumped this from 30 days to 90 days; if you want to keep updating something for longer than 3 months, we could see how “make this post a wiki” works?

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