Project categories?

What do people think about adding categories for bitcoin-related projects?

I’ve been thinking about adding one for bitcoin-inquisition for announcements/discussions, and maybe it would be interesting for other projects that don’t want to admin their own dedicated forum?

It’s apparently possible to make a group for the project owners and give them permission to moderate posts in their category.

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Maybe just add something like ‘tools and libraries’ category ?

Although with your example, bitcoin-inquisition, this might not work, as it is neither exactly a “tool” nor a “library”. But maybe you could classify it as a “tool” for a “deep investigation of the value of proposed consensus changes”

I like the term “working group” for a group that’s focussed on a topic, particularly if it’s probably not going to go on indefinitely, and in that vein there’s now a wg-blockrelay group/category for discussing expanding the number of block-relay-only connections bitcoin core peers make/accept cf #28462.

Combining a category with a group makes it possible to:

  • make a private category, with posts only members of the group can see
  • make a read-only category, where only group members can post, but anyone can read the posts
  • make a public category, but allow group members to moderate it, rather than restricting that to the global moderators
  • make it so group members automatically watch the category, so they automatically get emails notifying them about new topics/comments in the category, but not get spammed with everything else going on on the site

We’ve also had wg-cluster-mempool going for a little while now; previously it was private to the group members; it’s now public, but read-only if you’re not a group member. Happy to setup variations of this for other groups, if there’s interest.