Proposing a P2QRH BIP towards a quantum resistant soft fork

The motivation for this BIP is to provide a concrete proposal for adding quantum resistance to Bitcoin. We will need to pick a signature algorithm, implement it, and have it ready in event of quantum emergency. There will be time to adopt it. Importantly, this first step is a more substantive answer to those with concerns beyond, “quantum computers may pose a threat, but we likely don’t have to worry about that for a long time”. Bitcoin development and activation is slow, so it’s important that those with low time preference start discussing this as a serious possibility sooner rather than later.

This is meant to be the first in a series of BIPs regarding a hypothetical “QuBit” soft fork. The BIP is intended to propose concrete solutions, even if they’re early and incomplete, so that Bitcoin developers are aware of the existence of these solutions and their potential.

This is just a rough draft and not the finished BIP. I’d like to validate the approach and hear if I should continue working on it, whether serious changes are needed, or if this truly isn’t a worthwhile endeavor right now.

The BIP can be found here:

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This document has gone through several additional iterations since it was first posted. I’m not sure I can edit my original post, but I’ll link to the latest version:

Here is a diff for those who read it before:

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