Welcome to Delving Bitcoin!

This site is for technical discussions with the goal of understanding Bitcoin and helping it last for the long term.

When starting a post here, try to make it at the level of giving a presentation to a smart audience, perhaps like a small research group at a university, or a socratic seminar, or a developer meetup. You should have already thought about the topic fairly deeply and looked up prior work on the topic, so that you’re bringing something new to the topic, but it’s also okay if you’ve missed some obscure references in the past. When replying to topics, try to help the author: ask questions about anything that’s unclear, challenge the idea to see if it really makes sense, if there’s prior work they missed that adds a new perspective to the idea, bring it up.

The bitcoin stackexchange is a good place to start if you’re not sure if the topic is novel and interesting enough to post here, or if you just have a simple question you want the answer to.

Other resources include bitcoin optech, the bitcoin-dev list, the bitcoin wiki, the bitcoin core website, bitcoin.org, the bitcointalk forum, the bitcoin subreddit, and the bitcoin problems repo.

Note that this forum is public, and is not suitable for secret discussion: eg discussion of undisclosed vulnerabilities etc. Don’t post anything here – even via private message – if it would be more than mildly embarrassing if it became public immediately!