Wondering about the scope of the forum

Hi there! Thank you for building this forum. I love the idea of a modern space to host high quality discussions around bitcoin that’s longer form than Twitter and not as hard to follow as the mailing list. I read the forum every week, and I promote it in my circles.

I’m wondering if you could clarify the scope of what you’d like on the forum with regards to things like L2s and other bitcoin-related-but-not-directly-bitcoin protocols. For example I came today to post a high-level explanation of the blinding signature scheme used in the Cashu protocol (it’s different than Fedimint), but realized I wasn’t sure where this post might belong, or even if it was welcome on this forum in the first place.

A post clarifying the general scope for the forum would be great! No hard feelings if Cashu does not fit within that scope of course.

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I think protocols for transferring BTC off-chain are on-topic (otherwise lightning wouldn’t be okay to talk about?) – even if it were about purely custodial wallets, things like proof of liabilities/reserves would be useful and interesting to discuss, I think.

I would have expected “high-level explanation of signature scheme” to go naturally in “Protocol design” fwiw.

There’s the option for adding a #cashu tag, or sub-categories (Implementation/cashu) which might help people either find discussions or easily skip over discussions that aren’t widely relevant. So that should make it easier to allow a broader scope without being too annoying.

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